About Us

Nihal was established in 2012 in Istanbul/Turkey, and it provides textile and clothing services to European, African and the Middle East.

Nihal delivers high-quality services to its smallest and largest customers. It offers large range of products such as suits, shirts, denims, chinos, coats, t-shirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, knitwear, socks, underwear, high-quality hand made shoes, leather accessories (bag, wallets, tablet cases etc) and leather clothes (coats, jackets, skirt etc.).

Nihal's Office

Nihal initially began with producing private-labelled menswear. After five years the company also began producing the womenswear. Our philosophy is that a win-win deal is always the ideal way of maintaining a business relationship with our partners and customers.  



We Take Pride In:

  • We strive to bring in the best fabrics and use edge technologies.
  • Our team has good knowledge of fabrics, patterns and workmanship.
  • Every merchant follows every single garment from sample to the shipment. One of the advantages of our company is that we inspect the products and follow the projects until the end of loading and shipping.
  • Our team also produces labels and trimmings. Cartoon bags, hangers and suit covers are only some of our products.
  • We select our producers according to the requested garments, minimums and quality levels. That’s why we hold at least 3 different garment suppliers for each below areas.
  • We choose our factories based on a 10-point system regarding our strict code of conduct.

 Suits is our main line and we are working with the best factories that produce mostly all well-known brands.

We are assertive on that line and our suppliers have excellent proficiency to make pattern and grading.

What we produce

  •  Classic Shirts
  •  Casual Shirts
  •  Printed Shirts
  • Denim Shirts
  • Garment Dye Shirts
  •  Other Washing Techniques
Chinos and Denim Trousers
  •  Mostly Garment
  •  Dyed Pants
  • Classic Wool 
  • Wool Mixture Coats
  • Nylon Coats
  • Down Jackets
  • Sport
  • Sport garment dyed
  • Qashed shirts
  • Sartoria
  • Classic shirts
  • Ower shirts
  •   All types of knitwear garments from 7gg to 18gg
  •  For Men and Ladies
  •  We have two factories
  • Suitable for making small pieces e.g. from 50pcs up to 300pcs
  • Cashmere sweater
  •  Cashmere cardigan,
  • Round Neck & V Neck jumpers
  • Fuse garment
  • Sartoria(full canvas)
  • Semi Sartoria(semi canvas)
  • Soft Italian production
  • De-constructed jackets
  • Wash suits
  • Jersey jackets

Our Women's Clothing Productions

We are playing an active role in sourcing fabrics as well as the new developments. We also are fluent in new trends of women’s clothing in the world and introduce the best solution of producers for productions based on what you need and then following all the project with the best way possible.

Made to Measure

During the past five years, Nihal has grasped every opportunity to enhance its expertise in tailor made clothing. The result is expressed in a number of high-profile premières and creative surprises. In a line-up that is unequalled. brands and the palette that is made up of suits, jackets, waistcoats, trousers, shirts, shoes and more.

Where it concerns rendering tailoring accessible on the one hand and differentiating a unique experience on the other, Nihal has always embraced innovation throughout the years. This in order to take the customer along on the passionate voyage of discovery to the perfect or, if such is the case, imperfect lines. In order to indulge the customer in choosing a material by Loro Piana, Ariston, Dormeuil or Scabal and to allow the customer to make a personal statement that has been preceded by a creative process that suits the customer alone.


Nihal prepares your material orders and delivers them with the right price and quality.

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